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Public Charter Schools

Education is one of the most important fundamentals of any society. By means of the education that we prepare the next generation to take on the reigns to govern the world. Over the years we’ve seen education go through a sort of evolutionary change. One of those changes has been the introduction of the new and unique Charter School Program where every student has a chance to succeed and excel in the world they will eventually enter into.

What Are Charter Schools?

A Charter School is an independently run public school that has been given more freedom when it comes to teaching their students. However, in exchange for being permitted this greater flexibility Charter Schools are also expected to be more accountable in regards to their overall performance. The “Charter” is actually a contract established with each school that outlines their mission, program, type of student body, what they expect to accomplish, and their specific goals. Schools that are not successful in fulfilling that “charter contract” will inevitably face closure.

Peculiarities in Education

While admission to a Public Charter School is free and open to all it gives every parent the chance to provide a unique and more creative educational opportunity for their children. Charter Schools are not held to a rigid set of rules but are encouraged to do whatever is necessary to make sure that every child succeeds in their educational career. This means that they are free to adjust curriculum however it is needed; if a child needs more time to grasp a certain concept or needs extra help in a certain subject area it will be provided for them. Children can advance or take as much time as they need to master their subjects and this in its turn reduces the amount of cheating. According to the information provided by Write My Essay custom paper writing service, charter school students buy essays much less comparingly to other students.

Charter School Administration

The Administration of a Public Charter School has several different levels:

The Authorizers: The school authorizers approve the charter agreement and then continuously monitor the school’s progress to ensure success. They will most likely be the ones that will identify problems and make recommendations to correct them before they interfere with a schools ability to successfully meet the charter.

The Teachers: Teachers can be either traditionally trained educators or other qualified individuals with a substantial amount of professional expertise in the field they are selected to teach. This makes it possible for the student to not only get essential classroom structure but also work also directly with real life business people for a more hands on learning experience.

The Board: The law requires each school to have a board of directors to take responsibility for everything the school does. This includes making sure that the school is financially sound and stays within the confines of the law. This board could be made up of parents as well as others who may work in the school.

The Founders: These are usually members of the community who submit the application for the charter. These could be parents, educators, museums, business people, or anyone else that wishes to establish a charter.

How are Charter Schools Funded?

Like all other public schools, the amount of funding a Charter School receives is based on the actual enrollment numbers of each school. This number is determined by the average daily attendance they have. The amount each school receives can vary from state to state and even within a state it can vary from community to community.

In the past, the only option that parents had for their children’s education was limited to the traditional school setting or to pay for expensive private schools or religious institutions. Now that Charter Schools have started to become popular children that would have otherwise fell through the cracks in the regular school system have a real chance at success. "Parents can be sure that their children are getting the best education possible regardless of their circumstances", says Margery D. Rosen from Parents Magazine website.